There are many differences between commercial and residential construction. WR Builders believes in providing the best value for your commercial construction. We will comply with all building requirements set forth at the local and state level.

Electrical and Plumbing

Due to the high volume of persons in a commercial space at any given time, there are minimum requirements for electrical wiring and plumbing. Local regulations also state that there will need to be a minimum number of bathrooms. If your space is a restaurant, there will be even more requirements: sinks, waste water disposal, and additional outlets for kitchen appliances.

Entrance and Egress

State regulations require a minimum number of entrance and egress points based on the occupancy level of your proposed construction. There are also requirements for access for disabled persons: handicap ramps, automatic doors, or any other access requirements you may need for your business.

Building Materials Used

Commercial construction regulations require the use of minimum quality materials. These materials may cost significantly more than they would for residential construction, which does not have the same requirements. Many commercial buildings require fireproofing. Commercial construction also favors concrete and steel, while residential focuses more on wood framing.